SNC presents…Much Ado About Nothing

The day has arrived! Two shows only - 9:30am and 6pm. All welcome!!!!


‘A Fairer World’ The Summit

The buzz was huge as students prepared for today's showcase! Thanks to all who were able to make it! It was a great opportunity to share student projects (for more on this journey, click here and here and here and here). And to watch our learning journey, click here:  Making A Difference: The Learning Journey Film (password... Continue Reading →

The War on Waste at St. Kilda Beach

The Sustainability Inquiry group decided to 'Make a Difference' by heading out to St. Kilda beach and picking up rubbish at the end of last term. When we got there it looked like the beach was super clean and we would just end up playing on the sand, though as we walked along, with gloved... Continue Reading →

Ephron Speeches

During term two the children in the Ephron writing workshop have been developing their public speaking and persuasive writing skills. They have played lots of games that encourage them to think of what to say on the spot, describe objects in detail and to convince others of their opinion. After lots of practice the children... Continue Reading →

Debating begins in SNC!

You may have heard the buzz during term 2 - debating has resurfaced in Su Nei Cieli! As you may know, for the past 3 years Debating has become an integral part of the 4/5/6 program at BEPS. It is easy to see how such an important skill connects to many aspects of the Victorian... Continue Reading →

Making a difference in the community

You may have heard that one third of SNC this week have begun their excursions into the local community to 'make a difference'. It's been a huge learning curve, from research and planning to communication and feedback for the 'Education' inquiry project group. Two weeks they began planning their first visit into the community. 'Thinking... Continue Reading →

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