Graduation 2020

It's been said before many times, in many different ways, but it's true - 2020 was indeed a very 'different' year! Our 4, 5 and 6 students did an incredible job getting through the opportunities and challenges 2020 presented, and we as teachers will no doubt remember this cohort of young people in particular for... Continue Reading →

Week 7 – the wrap!

So much has been happening this week in 456 SNC, it's hard to know where to start! See below: Cubby building Researching Democracy Planning stories using Writers’ Notebook Philosophy workshops on the concept of “fairness” Debating Maths Outside

Speaking up a Storm in SNC!

The 'Obama' and 'Winfrey' writing and speaking workshop groups have been working for the past few weeks to refine their speeches ready for the big day - the debate! Friday and Monday teams brought their 'A game', and we were impressed with students organisation and presentation. See below for some of our SNC debaters in... Continue Reading →

“Four Goodness Sake”

Can you write number sentences that give all the numbers between 0-20 using the number 4 four times?  This was the challenge posed to some of the students in SNC in math's workshops during weeks six and seven.  What followed was a journey where students discovered the concept of squaring numbers , the order of... Continue Reading →

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