Looking Into Literacy

This being a brand new blog and all, we thought you might like to have a peek at some of the literacy happening in Su Nei Cieli.

Narrative is by far the most popular form of writing and even more so with young people! Teachers across the universe are besieged by mountainous piles of workbooks filled to bursting with never ending adventure monologues, ever so slightly reworked fairy tales and re imagined video games!

And so the three teachers met, all covered in webs                                                                           And dust and ink from centuries of marking.
They kicked over their chairs and gasping for air cried                                                             
“These drafts are sending us barking!!!”

“As mad as we are, this has gone too far.
Student drafts going on, on and on!
Where’s the beginning? The middle?
The conundrum? The riddle?

We must focus on planning for greater understanding
of the publishing world at large
We want detailed story boarding and vocabulary hoarding,
Character profiles and a thickening of plot.
We need evidence of thinking, editing and linking
In draft one, and draft two and draft three!
And once the drafting is done, we shall publish at once!
As professional as we can be.

So there you have it, our hearts set on narrative.
This last bit’s not part of the rhyme!




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