Spelling Workshops

This term we have introduced some short and sharp spelling workshops in addition to our normal literacy lessons. These workshops are designed to target spelling by increasing the profile and practice of a range of spelling techniques. These groupings are fluid with the intention of up skilling selected who can then filter the information on as experts. This practice reliably supports the students who have a need of a small intensive group arrangement because it gives them the ongoing practice that comes with being a teacher and expert to others.

Literacy is a language in it’s own right and as a semi-phonetically based written language, English is incredibly challenging to learn unless you use ALL strategies cohesively.

The strategies that best support reading and writing are centered around the following structures:

Phonetic – The attachment of a specific sound to a letter or a combination of letters.

Phonemic- The identification and awareness of separate sounds within a word.

Phonological- The identification and manipulation of units of oral language such as words, syllables, and onsets and rimes.

In addition to these structures, visual recognition, repetition, comprehension and an understanding of grammar and punctuation help to form a strong foundation which supports and enables students to extend themselves, successfully predicting the spelling of unknown words.

In the gallery below you can see the current group identifying words within words on the board and also some of the self editing and memorizing techniques in their workbooks.


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