Week 3 Wrap Up


Inquiry projects – what’s your vision for a fairer world?

Starting next week, the overarching idea of our inquiry this term connects active citizenship with community action, where students will understand that people create organizations to solve problems, make a positive difference and actively impact their communities at an individual, local and global level. Some of the key concepts investigated include: community, responsibility, change, accountability, fairness, equity, equality, work, citizenship, collaboration, entrepreneurship, service, action, belonging, enterprise, and economics. Students will ultimately have an opportunity to make a difference and give back to their communities in a meaningful way. Curriculum areas covered will include writing, reading, speaking and listening, philosophy, the capabilities (ethical, personal and social, critical and creative thinking and intercultural). There will also be a strong civics and economics focus, with students having the chance to manage a budget as they plan their community action projects. Stay tuned!


Literacy Workshops

Our reading focus at the moment is strategies to build reading skills such as ‘literature circles’ and visualization strategies, whilst Writing workshops will focus on narratives, enabling students to create dynamic stories for their audiences. Critical literacy will look at advertising and will be connected to the inquiry projects. Scripted drama workshops will also be offered to support the students’ understanding of writing for a purpose – very exciting!


Maths Workshops

Maths workshops will focus on building students’ number sense and understanding of place value. The students will be encouraged to challenge themselves with the maths menu, be introduced to some key strategies, and reflect on these strategies as they ‘think like a mathematician’. For example, strategies include working backwards, break the problem into smaller parts, make a list or table, look for a pattern, or try all possibilities. More to come on how you can help with maths at home.



Swimming has started for the term, with some very enthusiastic swimmers every Thursday! Interschool sport is also starting (on Friday 16th) – see Peter’s email for more information regarding teams. And for more on sport, see the BEPS sport blog – click here

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