Humanitarians unite!

“Inquiry was a highlight today because we were learning about some new humanitarians – and I especially enjoyed working with some new friends. It was actually quite fun” (Gil)

This week, students in SNC continued their inquiry into citizenship via community action and ‘making a difference’. After writing an answer to the big question ‘what’s your vision for a fairer world?’, students were given a humanitarian to investigate.





We discussed figures in history who have made an impact upon thousands of people, prevented suffering or saved lives.



Students were  assessed on their group work and their note taking. They will then next week create an information text around this individual. This will be published and presented on display.IMG_2187IMG_2188IMG_2190

As mentioned in a previous post, this project will continue as student build the understanding that people create organizations to solve problems, make a positive difference and actively impact their communities at an individual, local and global level. Some of the key concepts investigated include: community, responsibility, change, accountability, fairness, equity, equality, work, citizenship, collaboration, entrepreneurship, service, action, belonging, enterprise, and economics. Students will ultimately have an opportunity to make a difference and give back to their communities in a meaningful way. Curriculum areas covered will include writing, reading, speaking and listening, philosophy, the capabilities (ethical, personal and social, critical and creative thinking and intercultural). There will also be a strong civics and economics focus, with students having the chance to manage a budget as they plan their community action projects. Very exciting!

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