Week 6 and 7 – The Wrap Up

The last two weeks have included so much! Swimming! Conferencing! Workshops! So much writing and a long weekend too! Here are some highlights according to some of our student reporters (thanks to Gaston, Indi, Saul, Tilly and Peter)





Information Texts – By Gaston

We have been researching to find out who was the ‘best’ humanitarian, which is somebody that has done something great (or many great things) for the world. First we did some note taking and research to create an information text with a long term target of creating a decent published information text!


Maths groups – By Tilly

One of the workshops we have been doing has been about different types of graphs. My group is called ‘Line’. We did this thing where Dani drew up some numbers, and we had to find the mean (which is the average), the median (which is the middle number) and the mode (which is the most frequent or often). It’s been fun!



Swimming – By Saul

Swimming has been fun because they push you to your limits (at least the one I’m in!). In my group, we do new things that I’ve never heard of, like sidestroke. Swimming has been on every Thursday.


Lacrosse was part of Interschool sports – some of the teams:


Inter school Sports – By Peter

This was a fun selection of activities.  It’s quite good because you get to operate with other schools. The three sports that we did were Lacrosse, T-Ball and Touch Footy. My team didn’t win all of our matches (but we won one!) and it was fun, even when we lost!


The students have been encouraged to ‘step outside their comfort zone’ and work with a mix of students, make new friends and get to know others in the LC. A great example of the peer tutoring that can occur in the multi-age classroom.



The latest workshop board – notice the orderly enviroment ‘vision’ that the students decided they would like their LC to be. The largest words are the ones that were most frequently mentioned by the students as they brainstormed what they would like SNC to be – ‘learning’, ‘quiet’, ‘calm’, ‘clean’, ‘respectful’ – obviously we all agree!


Drama – By Indi

The first lesson, we played some drama games and we watched a short video that explained the play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. In the following sessions, we got the play and the script and are doing Much Ado About Nothing! We got into groups and read through the scripts in a circle, taking it in turns and even though we sometimes didn’t know what the words meant we had a go at it!

‘Drama was great because we got to practice our speaking skills and try out our emotion in our voices’ (Violet)

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