Feedback in SNC

Feedback is an important part of learning at BEPS and in SNC. Throughout their senior years, we try to support students to become risk takers with their learning, try new things and aim for excellence by having high expectations with their learning and behaviour.


We also want to support students to become reflective learners in a safe and supportive environment. One way we do this is through feedback – peer, individual and teacher. As well as day to day conferencing and assessing, another way we give feedback is through rubrics. Our recent research on a celebrated humanitarian concluded with this rubric:

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.51.09 am


Students began the process of researching to create an information text last term (click here for more on this process) and were also made aware of the assessment rubric, so they knew what was being assessed from the beginning.

Today, students read each others completed text and gave their partner feedback. Partners then reflected on their learning and wrote goals for next time. See below for some examples.



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