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You may have heard that one third of SNC this week have begun their excursions into the local community to ‘make a difference’.

It’s been a huge learning curve, from research and planning to communication and feedback for the ‘Education’ inquiry project group. Two weeks they began planning their first visit into the community. ‘Thinking like educators’, they wondered ‘what do 4 year olds want to learn about?’ and ‘how best do they learn?”. Ideas included “Let’s teach them spelling!” and “Let’s get them to sit down and learn their times tables!”

How plans changed! After some emails and letter writing to the Kindergarten educators, they gained feedback which helped them learn more about how to reach out to 4 year olds.

Today’s excursion was the culmination of their group work and planning and also their ability to adapt to feedback; as a result we had a fantastic time getting to know the younger children. The kindergarten educators were also impressed with the maturity and capacity for our students to join in; to interact, be silly, read stories, play and listen to their buddies needs. See below for some examples:





And for more on these inquiry projects and the students’ learning journey, click here and here.

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