Philosophy and ‘Logical Fallacies’

"A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning and logic" (Baxter, Charlotte, Mikki) One of our focuses in philosophy during term 4 has been different forms of reasoning. Students recently learned about 'logical fallacies', when we argue a point using invalid or poor arguments. Students had great fun unpacking logical fallacies made by politicians, and... Continue Reading →

Curious and curiouser!

It has been a 'curious'¬†couple of weeks indeed in SNC as we began our Science Inquiry projects for Term 4. At the end of term 3, students in SNC were able to take a sign up for a science workshop. These 'elective' style workshops are continuing on Thursdays throughout Term 4, with students working on... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare’s Finest…

Without further ado,¬† 'Much Ado About Nothing': The video is now available! Scroll below and click on the link.   And a huge thank you to all students, parents and teachers who participated in this production!   To watch the show, click here (password is 4562018).   And see below for our fabulous players!

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