Maths in SNC

Recent maths workshops in SNC have been focussing on concepts of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) pattern and place value, with students developing their number sense. Maths at home If you would like strategies that we use in the LC, students are currently building their automatic recall of number facts (times tables). If you would... Continue Reading →

Inquiry and authentic action in SNC!

You may have heard that we’ve begun the year looking at concepts connected to ‘civilisation’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘dystopia’. “Civilisation is basically a community. It’s built on top of a culture of being ‘zen-ish’, you know, being nice, respecting and accepting of other”. Dystopia is the opposite of a utopia, for example a world that is... Continue Reading →

Meet: Team SNC!

This year the 456 SNC teaching team consists of Clare (team leader), Dean, Mel and Andrew. We are also lucky to have Ulli as education support in the first part of the week. If you were asking yourself, 'who is teaching my kids?', well read on!   There is this great teacher called Clare, she... Continue Reading →

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