Maths in SNC

Recent maths workshops in SNC have been focussing on concepts of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) pattern and place value, with students developing their number sense.

Maths at home

If you would like strategies that we use in the LC, students are currently building their automatic recall of number facts (times tables). If you would like to use these strategies at home, read on!

Learning Times Tables in 4/5/6

  1. Write down the timetable you are practising from 1-12 in order three times. Write each table on a new line. Record any patterns you see, or anything the tables remind you of, to help you recall them.


  1. On a hundreds chart, colour the counting pattern of your times table you are learning. Record three things you notice about the pattern.



  1. Read the times tables out loud one at a time. For example “one times two is two.” Repeat this process three times. If you can make a song, or a chant about it. Walk around as you do this to engage both sides of your brain.


  1. Look at the first table. Cover it up, try to say it then write it. Check you are correct. Look at the first and second times table. Cover them up, say them then write it. Repeat this process until you can see, cover, say and write all the times table in the column.


  1. Make a flash card of your times table. On one side write the question, the other the answer. Work with a friend learning the same one. Test each other. Shuffle the order, and try testing both ways eg. One person says the answer, other person reads the question AND one person asks the question, the other answers.


  1. Record JUST the answers to the times tables. Write them from largest to smallest, smallest to largest and in written words.


  1. Create a word/real life problem that can model the times table you are practising eg. 7 x 6 = 42 “I have seven bags of lollies, and each one has six lollies inside. How many lollies altogether?”


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