Week 5 – The wrap up!

The past two weeks has been a hive of activity in 456 SNC. This week we have asked some students to write about what has been happening. Welcome to – the Week 5 wrap up!

Sport by Elsie

Every Friday the kids in SNC do a sport that they have signed up for, like fitness, games, cricket, lacrosse, cross country training and orienteering. My sport is fitness with Clare. We normally practice shadow boxing which is basically boxing without equipment. We use gloves with pads. Thats basically it! (Elsie)





We have been looking at improving our writing in writing workshops, focusing on the skill of ‘Organisation’. We started with techniques to engage or excite the reader. This week, writers looked at transitional words or transitional phrases.

The Library Student Action Team explaining the new Library system

The new Library! By Matthew

SNC have a new library system connected to the entire school. We can now borrow books from anywhere in the school and take them home for up to two weeks. There is a scanner and computer in every LC. Every student has their own library account which they can use to check what they currently have on loan and reserve books.  Our team has been working on sorting the library to make it easier to find books you want to read and we’ve written two proposals about buying some new library furniture and also using what we already have. Our ultimate goal is to have THE BEST LIBRARY EVER! (Matt)

Maths  By Elli

Maths workshops are focusing on operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) pattern and place value.

One of the maths tasks had a star in a hexagon and you had to find how many triangles there were. After two or three workshops, students found there were approximately 35 possible answers. In ‘Maths Menu’ there is a maths corner and you have different maths tasks that have challenges. You have to answer the challenges and sometimes there’s an extra challenge question at the bottom of the sheet. You can pick what suits you as a learner, like a ‘just right’ task. Once you’ve finished, you have to write a reflection about if you noticed any patterns from the strategy board and write what your strategies were (Elli)



Recent philosophy sessions have been looking at philosopher Rita Manning’s take on  how ‘responsible action hinges on our awareness of relationships’.  There was a lot of discussion as students investigated concepts of responsibility, accountability, duty and the repercussions of their actions.

Students firstly developed a list of their relationships and had to answer questions such as:

*what responsibilities come with these relationships? 

*is there a difference between acknowledging these relationships and performing them?

(Manning says that moral responsibilites are worthless unless we perform them without being asked)

A hot topic for the philosophers was ‘when you leave out your toys out, whose responsibility is it to clean it up?’, ‘why should someone else do it?’ And ‘should other people take the burden of people who are not responsible?

Some thinking – relationships and responsibilities









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