Student Action Teams update – Week 8

The student action teams have been working tirelessly to complete their proposals and applications and wait for the teachers responses with baited breath! Students have completed researching, planning and letter writing. Now the hard work begins – completing their proposed action!

Most teams are managing either a ‘student-led’ workshop, either in 456 or in Prep/123. This has involved planning; such as when the workshop will be held, what resources students will use, how best to negotiate with other BEPS teachers and persuading that their lessons will be relevant and engaging. The expectation was also to provide a clear lesson plan.

(And for the beginnings of the inquiry journey, click here)

Team Masterchef Junior

One action that occurred last Friday was the SNC ‘Masterchef Junior’ S.A.T. helped support our first Friday Market for the year. It was a huge success as the students worked tirelessly on the day to make, bake, and manage the market as well!



We raised $402.20 with half of this going to SNC – a fantastic effort!

Script for the SNC Market:

“Hi everyone.

Today is SNC’s Friday Market. There will be caramel slice, Frog in a pond and delicious fruit skewers. There will also be extraordinarily delicious sausages and homemade lemon cordial.

Please follow the chalk lines as this will make sure that there is no pushing and everyone is orderly.

So see you there!”


* **

Team S.P.E.W (Coding – Scratch with Peter, Emily and Winnie)

This team have been working hard over the past few weeks to plan and teach a coding workshop using scratch. Conferences and feedback from the teachers helped the students to refine their ideas. The collaboration has been fantastic and their first lesson today went well:




* **

And here are some examples of proposals that we have received to date with more on the way!

From the Drama Team:

Proposal – The Drama Llamas

Dear teachers,

First of all, we were wondering if we could have a three session long rotation with the whole of S.N.C. We would like to split the class in three groups (Made by our group. We would rotate in the afternoon. We are flexible but our best option is Tuesday).
 Drama is important because…
 Aim/Objective The aim/objective of this lesson is to teach people the importance of drama & to teach kids our age.
 Reasons/Evidence One of our reasons to do this is to get people active in a way that everyone likes. Also reading, writing and maths are all fundamental skills, well, drama is a skill that teaches you to communicate, show emotion and have fun while your at it.
 Audience We would like to teach S.N.C because we have already taught them drama games and they are advanced.
 Arguments against – We have already taught S.N.C. last year, why again? You may ask. Well, yes, some people already have been in a drama workshop before, but more advanced people can teach people who have not yet been in a drama workshop.
How is this helpful? Might be another question, Well it teaches people how to be brave, stand up on a stage or maybe even debating.
 Those are 6 reasons why we would like to do our drama workshop. We hope you enjoyed it!

From the Cooking Team:

Cooking Proposal

Dear Janet and the 456 SNC teachers,
We would love to do a cooking workshop. We would like to do this because.
Our aim is to do a student led workshop for cooking and teach the kids LI:is to learn basic cooking skills in life and
How to prepare meal these are our reasons.
1.It is a good skill for adulthood for example college.
2.It is a basic life skill anyone can do it it is a part of our lifestyle and it has good experience.
3.The New york times states that kids have a lot of fun and learn.
4.It involves some maths like measurements and fractions.
5.It is real life science too much baking soda it taste weird or not enough milk its is to rough.
6.Back to book nutrition states that cuts down on picky eating even the pickiest eaters will come to try new food if there involved in cooking.
7.Stringing,rolling and measuring are just a few kitchen tasks that allow kids to develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are handwriting or measurement.
Our points are supported by Marley spoon,Food network,New york times and Huffingtonpost
We would also like to use the staff room on friday the 8th from 11:15 to 3:00 for the friday market.
Masterchef  JuniorA.K.A  Conrad,Cali,Heidi,Maryam,Najarala and Luca

From S.P.E.W (Scratch – Peter Emily Winnie) (Coding Workshop)

Scratch Workshop Lesson Plan

 – Explain scratch (what it does and what it is good for)            3 min
 – Show them what we want them to do                                    4 min
– Explain how the XY grid is helpful                                          3 min
 – Explain event, control and motion blocks                              5 min
– split up into groups of three and begin!                                  20 min
– Explain variables                                                                   2 ½ min
– Explain operator blocks                                                         2 ½ min
 – Split up (again) and finish project                                           10 min
– Share                                                                                     5 min
– Friday 22nd of march both ILT sessions
 – IWB   SNC
 – The first fifteen candidates to sign up
 What we need
 – 6 computers

From the Sustainability Action Team:

Dear Janet Di Pilla, Jill Howells and the BEPS leadership team,
We believe that the school should become more sustainable and eco-friendly to help save the environment. Our team agrees that the first steps to achieve this goal are to buy more sustainable resources from a more sustainable supplier and to make soft plastic recycling bins the norm.    Doing this will decrease our (negative) impact on the environment and as a general rule, more sustainable resources have more consistent price range   The first of these two aims we wish to accomplish is making soft plastic recycling bins the norm, as this is the easiest of the two to achieve. We will do this by simply buying a soft plastic recycling bin for each LC, and then setting up a student volunteer system in which at the end of the week – or whenever necessary – a student brings it to a Coles with a soft plastic recycling bin after school. To achieve our second aim: lowering the roles of Officemax and Office Works to supplementary and instead buying our supplies from a more sustainable supplier. We recommend the company Ecogreen which you can access on the site and, although they are sometimes out of stock, we can always use Office Works and/or Officemax as a back up.
Since this will affect the entire school we have put forth some arguments you might have against this and our rebuttals to them. The first argument that you might have against this proposal is expense, but this is actually irrelevant. The average price of bins for soft plastic recycling are mostly negligible and the school supplies from Ecogreen are mostly at a equal if not lower price when compared to Office Works and Officemax. (include an example of a commonly purchased item) another argument you might have against it, or, more a question, is how this will benefit the school. Seeing that the school’s role is education it would make sense for us to model and teach sustainability.
Thank you for considering our proposal,
Ryaan, Ethan and Rupert.

More news from other teams to come soon!


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