Ride2School Day!

Thanks to everyone who rode, walked, scooted, skated today – it was fabulous to look out at students travelling actively to school this morning! See below for some pics of the SNC crew:


Ride2School was great because it was good how everyone had to get ready earlier so it was actually possible for everyone to ride to school! I had to get up at 5 o’clock to make my design! (Chance)



It was really fun because last night I started putting streamers on my bike. Then in the morning I put balloons on my bike. I got little things to put in my basket and then I had… the joy of riding my bike to school! (Njarala)

I rollerbladed to school. It was kind of fun seeing all the people and their bikes dressed up because they all looked really cool. (Winnie)





In the morning I finished decorating my bike. I got ready and we left Polly gave us a few bears so I added that to my bike as well. It was really fun morning! (Marlia)

It was just fun! I made a bumblebee. It was exciting because everyone had their bikes and they were all dressed up, really cool! (Mia)

Ride2School Day was exciting – it was very exhilarating. I rode to school today. I was a bit scared of the balloons (because I get a bit scared of the noise when they go pop). But it was still a good morning! (Atticus)








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