The Truth Behind…

Connected to our inquiry topic of ‘truth’, the writing focus for SNC this term will  be on creating information reports related to a science topic or question that they are interested in learning more about. Students were encouraged to brainstorm all the ideas they had about physical sciences, biological, chemical , earth and space sciences using a chalk talk thinking routing.


The second stage of the inquiry required students to create a series of questions related to a topic or scientific concept that surfaced during the chalk talk. Following this, students were to further refine their thinking by choosing one question from their list that would then serve as the topic of their information report.


The end result was a plethora of questions that are immense in breadth and will allow the possibility for in depth research and discoveries.

A few examples of the questions that emerged from the inquiry:

How does your brain work?

How do fish breath underwater?

Why do people not get along with each other?

What is the atmosphere made of?

How do plant seeds create more organic matter to form the plant itself?


We look forward to seeing what new discoveries students uncover over the coming weeks in their workshops!

And for more on our truth inquiry, click here and here.




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