SNC Student Action Groups Keep on Actioning!

Blast from the past….. (Term 1)

In Term One, Su Nei Cieli students took some fantastic actions around BEPS…Comic group                Comic group 2Comic Drawing Workshops with the Preps.

darma group (1)            Drama GroupDrama Workshops with SNC.

Scratch Group 2         Scratch groupScratch Workshops in Bicicletta.


A workshop on how to care for pets in Prep.


A Slime Making Workshop with Terra Verde.

Continuing the action in Term 2

This term SAT (Student Action Teams) have continued their actions in SNC.

The Library Action Group continue to care for our SNC Library. They are excellent at looking up books on the BEPS Library system and showing people how to borrow. They are great at delivering important messages to SNC. What excellent initiative!

The Nature Action Group are still looking for ways to make our learning community greener. See here for more on this.

The Computer Action Group look after the Cromebooks, Ipads and Macbooks in SNC. They check that all devices are signed out / in when being used and are plugged in to charge at the end of each day. They also always remember to pass on any important messages regarding technology in SNC. What a fantastic communal effort!

And for more on our student action teams click here and here.


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