A dramatic announcement…

Jackson: I love the Drama workshops because its really fun. There’s jokes and we play really good games like…

Paper Plane: One person has an imaginary paper plane and makes eye contact with another person asking “Paper plane?” then the other person says “Paper plane!”. The first person passes the paper plane to the second person.

One word Story:  One person says one word to start the story. Then the next person says another word and it keeps on going like that until it eventually ends. You make up some really weird stories!

By Jackson

Last Friday we announced to the students that after last year’s successful production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, SNC are going again!

This year we are planning to stage another shakespearean comedy – Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’.

Rehearsals will be begin starting in term 3 on Fridays and at lunchtimes, and all SNC students are welcome to be part of it.

Stay tuned for more on this into next term…

In the meantime – if music be the food of love, play on!



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