Week 1 and 2 – The wrap up!

So much has been happening in the past 2 weeks – some great learning occurring and some exciting times in SNC!

Gardening excursion – planting at Merri Creek

Last Tuesday students walked down to Merri Creek to plant the plants that we have been growing in the BEPS green house with the help of some wonderful parents! Students enjoyed learning about the history of the Merri Creek and being part of restoring it’s environment.

Our SNC Friday Market:

First week back and it was also SNC’s turn for the Friday market! Everything sold out quickly, and we had some great weather. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our last market for the year.


Reading Workshops:

In reading workshops we have been looking at poetry and the poetic devices writers use to communicate their ideas. This Wednesday, we explored song lyrics and discussed the difference between literal and inferred meaning. Students examined figurative language and considered how simile, metaphor and personification can be useful when expressing complex concepts with very few words. As always, many different interpretations were shared and students justified their thinking by drawing on examples from the text.

Maths workshops:

This week we have started looking into concepts behind measurement and shape. Last week, students started working on the relationship between perimeter and area as well as informal and formal measurement. Maths workshops will be starting some rich measurement investigations next week, looking at angles, circumference, radius, volume and many related concepts.

Debating workshops:

Debating workshops started this week with brand new groups and a new round of topics and opportunities to debate other LC’s, in Assembly time and even a visit to Merri Creek Primary School coming up – click here for more on the wonderful world of debating in SNC this term.


This term sport groups are now T-Ball, Yoga, Games, Touch Football, Volleycatch, and Dance – this will continue throughout the term on Fridays.

Stories of Melbourne – excursion to the Immigration Museum and walking tour

On Tuesday, students, teachers and a few fabulous parent helpers joined us for a big day of walking through the city. Students studied elements of the immigration experience at the Immigration museum and a scavenger hunt on the Sandridge Bridge. In the afternoon, students also learnt about contemporary economic stories through an Economics walking tour. This connects to part of our term 4 ‘intercultural celebrations and our ‘Business as Usual’ inquiry. It was a great day and with clipboards and pencils in hand, students experienced two different opportunities that connect to their understanding of historic and contemporary stories showing how Melbourne’s residents and the physical city have responded to cultural changes and economic events over time. It was a big day and we were all very impressed with students behaviour and interest in the topics discussed. And for more on this fantastic excursion, click here.


Cultural Festival – excursion to Brunetti’s and the Italian Museum

Yesterday students again hopped on the tram during curiosita time and used their italian skills to order gelato at Brunetti’s in Carlton. It was a great experience!

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