“Business…as usual!” – inquiry this term

This term’s main inquiry projects connect directly to the economics and business component of the victorian curriculum.


Students will investigate the nature of economics and understand that business is about more than money; and discuss that to make a positive contribution to a community there is a need to be ethical, resourceful and socially responsible. Students will explore various kinds of business models, learn about marketing and various advertising strategies, and how business can be a force to inspire innovations. Concepts that will be investigated include needs and wants, supply and demand, automation, globalisation, consumption and production and exploring how people need to make a livelihood.

Questions to investigate include: 

  • What would happen if people decided to stop working?
  • Is being a ‘good worker’ virtuous?
  • What makes a good worker?
  • What makes a good business?
  • Is working a necessary condition of  functioning society?
  • Does an ethical business model equal success? What measure of success?
  • Can big business ever be ethical?

We started last week exploring the pros and cons of Woolworths Ooshies campaign – students watched this clip from ABC’s Behind The News and discussed how people need to work, and how businesses can act in ethical ways. Students also created mind maps and did a research S.O.L.E. on ‘why do we work?’.

This Tuesday, students then explored Melbourne through our excursion around the city. Students had the opportunity to learn about the ‘Stories of Melbourne’, through the immigration experience and through contemporary economic stories.

The Economics Walking Tour included looking at Federation square (carbon neutral, cultural hub), Hosier Lane ( tourism, social enterprises), Flinders Lane (textiles and globalisation), Cathedral arcade ( Bohemian Index), BHP Billiton (multinational and heritage), 260 Collins (retail), Old Melbourne Stock Exchange, Royal Arcade (small business), Town Square (Melbourne Metro) and other key locations in the  CBD that tell the economic story. It was a great day and the note-taking that students did as they walked around was very impressive!





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