A-Maze-ing maths projects!

Throughout these past few weeks, the 'Rulers' maths workshop have been learning about measurement and geometry through a maths project that supported the students to apply their new knowledge through the 'wonderful world' of coding and design. Initially, students were given a student-friendly version of the measurement and geometry Victorian curriculum and asked to highlight their... Continue Reading →

Swimming – weeks 9 and 10

Hi all, Don't forget swimming starts this coming Monday! As a compulsory part of the swimming in schools program, please ensure your notes and payment have been sent in. Students - don't forget your bathers, towel, goggles and change of clothes. We will be going in two groups - 46D and E leaving at 9:30am,... Continue Reading →

‘Twelfth Night’ – photos #1

  Special Thanks. My introduction to ‘Twelfth Night’ was year 9 English, listening to a BBC production on a dodgy cassette player. From inauspicious beginnings, fast forward to 2019 and what an opportunity to revisit the play with such an enthusiastic and talented crew of young people, some of whom it is their first production... Continue Reading →

Cultural Week celebrations

Last Wednesday, as part of  our whole-school cultural week celebrations, Su Nei Cieli students shared in a range of festive and dynamic experiences. In the morning, we stretched, flexed and shouted (when we were asked!) our way through our first taekwondo class. Tully from Orizzonte actually got to punch through a piece of wood! Later,... Continue Reading →

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