Meet: Team SNC!

This year the 456 SNC teaching team consists of Clare (team leader), Andrew, Dean and Belinda. We are also lucky to have Ulli as education support in the first part of the week.

If you were asking yourself, ‘who is teaching my kids?’, well read on!


There is this great teacher called Clare,
she is creative and clever and fair.
She is very kind,
and if you don’t mind,
her story she wishes to share.
Clare’s been teaching for over 10 years
she’s wiped many noses and tears.
She started in Sydney,
then London (so windy!)
then  BEPS’ the next step in her career.
Now Su Nei Cieli’s team leader
with a team that couldn’t be sweeter.
We’ve started the year
with nothing to fear.
So drop by if you’re wanting to meet ‘er!

Hi everyone! My career now spans 17 years in education; teaching in schools from Tasmania to Saudi Arabia, London to Footscray, Westgarth to BEPS – ‘and…loving it’. I cannot believe that I have been at our fabulous school since 2010! This year I also continue my leadership role at BEPS as a ‘Learning Specialist’. I love creating innovative and interesting opportunities for our BEPS kids to thrive. And as well as time with my family, I also love cooking, reading, film, music, writing, playing the piano and guitar – and anything vaguely theatrical! I look forward to a fantastic year with you and your family.


Hello family members and carers of SNC. 2020 will be my fourth year at BEPS teaching in 456. My hobbies/ habits include..starting numerous books at once and struggling to prioritise which one to finish first, collecting obscure and rare disco/funk records from the 70’s, cricket, football and getting out of the city on weekends. Philosophy is a major interest area for me and over the last three years I have worked alongside Jill to develop philosophy focused resources and ideas for learning for BEPS and other Victorian schools. I look forward to meeting you all throughout the year and continuing what has already been an exciting learning journey in SNC.


Hi everyone, my name is Belinda, you may already know me as I was part of the Bicicletta team last year and, I also teach in other Learning Communities at BEPS. I’m an artist and also love reading and yoga. My favourite book is “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I love learning new things and recently joined a basketball team. I’m really looking forward to working with your child(ren) in Su Nei Cieli this year and hope to meet you soon!


Hi everyone! I will be in SNC Tuesdays and Wednesdays offering education support. This will be my fifth year at BEPS, my third in SNC. I would like to welcome all of the new students to our LC and welcome back the familiars! I also would like to say how much I’m looking forward to anther great year. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. By the way, I’m a passionate reader, lover of all animals, carer of our environment, collector of found objects, consumer of great food, mother, performer, swimmer and walker (to name a few interests!). See you during 2020! 


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