SNC Term 4 Week 5

We are already halfway through Term 4 and deeply immersed in our many interesting and exciting areas of learning.

Maths – Our focus topic in Maths this term is measurement. We have been investigating the concepts of time, volume and length then applying them to real life situations. Our tasks have included – public transport timetables, scheduling the AFL teams at the MCG and how do I get from “here” to “there”?

“How big is a cubic metre?” Turns out, it’s pretty big!
Focusing on the details.
Working in teams to problem solve.
Maths is Fun!
How many blocks?

Literacy – We are continuing our Writers Notebook sessions with Emily Gale and Nova Weetman , two local authors who have created a professional creative writing program for students online. This week we focused on Who, When, & How (point-of-view, tense, & voice). Students are writing their own stories in workshop sessions, using tips from the authors. We’re all excited by the creativity and craftsmanship bubbling up in SNC.

Debating -SNC have been working on their debates for next week and it looks like there will be some very exciting moments between the teams!

Inquiry – Our “Fairness” inquiry is deepening with students now exploring how and why different government structures such as various democratic models in large and small communities were created. Key concepts we have been looking at are: Democracy, representative governments and the Magna Carta.


During our break times, SNC have been enjoying some quiet and loud socialising as well as brushing up on their athletic skills. It’s great to be back!

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