Melbourne Museum

On Tuesday we had a wonderful trip to the Melbourne Museum. The rain held off, the trams ran on time, the learning was plentiful and the students were superb. The museum staff even commented on the level of interest and focus our students showed. Congratulations to all involved.

I really liked Bunjil which is the Aboriginal creator of the world. There was a room in which there was a floating structure made out of wooden paddles with light being projected onto it and there was a voice narrating the story of Bunjil. Noah 

It was really fun to see some parts of history and the Aboriginals. I especially liked hearing all the different languages. Knowing that some are lost makes me feel sad and bad. We ripped this land from the Aboriginal people. Pipper

I thought today was very fun. I liked how we got to go to First Peoples museum. I liked to hear the languages, animals and how they used the creatures. Like how they caught the eels. This was a very special experience because it was the second day of term two. Ernie

The excursion today made me think about how small and cramped houses used to be. I was thinking this in the Little Lonsdale houses. I don’t know how my family would fit. Taavi

It was interesting to discover what the first people did before we came and how everything was. I like to learn how the eels were smoked for 3-5 days because this seems like a really long time. Bryn

I learnt that everyone’s identity is different. There are lots of ways you can be Australian. You can be who you want to be you don’t have to act Australian even though you are. Different people had different histories and experiences, this is good and bad. Maybe some of the reasons aboriginal people have had bad experience is because of racism and that is not okay. Atticus 

The First People linked to Australian identity and colonisation. Everyone has different histories that help to make them who they are. Marlow

There were a lot of didgeridoo and this is something I have been learning. This is a connection to my identity. On my Mum’s side I am Aboriginal. Harry 

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