The Truth Behind…

Connected to our inquiry topic of 'truth', the writing focus for SNC this term will  be on creating information reports related to a science topic or question that they are interested in learning more about. Students were encouraged to brainstorm all the ideas they had about physical sciences, biological, chemical , earth and space sciences... Continue Reading →

Our writing program – term 2

Term 2 is traditionally an exciting time for students and this includes all the different facets that occur within our writing program. This term we are continuing to focus on 'organisation' and structure, as well as different genres in workshop time and idea generation and planning in 'writer's notebook' sessions. Students have been working on... Continue Reading →

Respectful Relationships in SNC

'Respectful Relationships' is another part of the weekly timetable in 456 SNC. These sessions happen usually once a week, and often have a reading, writing or philosophical focus. This included at the start of the year, we began with a 'thinking routine' - the ‘Thinking Compass’. Students were asked to list the following, using 'N/E/S/W' (This... Continue Reading →

The Science Behind Slime!

Student Action Team Update - The Science Team Our Student Action Teams are continuing on into Term 2 and because of the students’ careful planning and preparation, there were two teams already offering workshops in the first week! Those that have completed their workshops have begun writing up a reflection on how they felt their... Continue Reading →

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