Innovation, Ingenuity, Invention…

This term SNC have made an energetic start to our Inquiry unit investigating many different ideas and inventions for the future. The inquiry this term is an inquiry into the interaction between the natural world and human societies and the impact of future scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment. Questions student... Continue Reading →

A-Maze-ing maths projects!

Throughout these past few weeks, the 'Rulers' maths workshop have been learning about measurement and geometry through a maths project that supported the students to apply their new knowledge through the 'wonderful world' of coding and design. Initially, students were given a student-friendly version of the measurement and geometry Victorian curriculum and asked to highlight their... Continue Reading →

Debating excursion – week 7

This week we travelled to Ivanhoe to represent BEPS in the 'Regional Debating Day' at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar. Our students participated with great enthusiasm, and teachers were impressed with their attitude, organisation, and the presentation of arguments and ideas. Topics were: 'That all students should ride their bikes to school' 'That we should ban animal... Continue Reading →

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