A-Maze-ing maths projects!

Throughout these past few weeks, the 'Rulers' maths workshop have been learning about measurement and geometry through a maths project that supported the students to apply their new knowledge through the 'wonderful world' of coding and design. Initially, students were given a student-friendly version of the measurement and geometry Victorian curriculum and asked to highlight their... Continue Reading →

Organising writing in SNC

In our writers workshop session recently we’ve been exploring the concept of 'organisation'.  As writers, we use organisation to structure our ideas, make our thinking clear, and create cohesion in our stories. Students have been learning about this concept and are working towards a completed piece or 'manuscript' to publish during next week's Publishing Day. Here’s... Continue Reading →

Choosing from the (maths) menu!

This week during Maths Menu time, Su Nei Cieli students have had the opportunity to continue working on ongoing tasks, as well as challenging themselves with new open-ended tasks available on the menu. Maths Menu lessons provide the opportunity for the students to refresh, clarify and learn specific mathematical skills that they can transfer to... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – The wrap up!

The past two weeks has been a hive of activity in 456 SNC. This week we have asked some students to write about what has been happening. Welcome to - the Week 5 wrap up! Sport by Elsie Every Friday the kids in SNC do a sport that they have signed up for, like fitness,... Continue Reading →

Writing Wordsmiths!

A recent update on our writing focus in 456 SNC... As well as our usual workshops that involve writing in some form (e.g. writer's notebook, personal writing time in ILT, debating, spelling toolboxes, etc.), last term's focus was on how one can improve their authorial 'voice' in writing. Students were assessed according to a rubric... Continue Reading →

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