Ride2School Day 2020!

Well done to all Sui Ne Cielians who decorated their bikes, scooters, rollerblades or joined the fun!  It was a great morning as you can see from some of our pictures below:

An excursion into Victoria’s past and future…

As part of our inquiry into ‘Future thinking’ and ‘Beyond 2040’, on Tuesday 3rd March, students in 456 SNC attended a workshop ‘Climate Change and Victoria’s Future’ at the Melbourne Museum. Students examined the science behind our changing climate and learnt some ways to communicate ideas and actions to mitigate the impacts of climate change.  The... Continue Reading →

Cultural Week celebrations

Last Wednesday, as part of  our whole-school cultural week celebrations, Su Nei Cieli students shared in a range of festive and dynamic experiences. In the morning, we stretched, flexed and shouted (when we were asked!) our way through our first taekwondo class. Tully from Orizzonte actually got to punch through a piece of wood! Later,... Continue Reading →

Colour running!

To conclude a successful cultural week of workshops, the whole school were out on the oval Friday afternoon for our first ever BEPS colour run. We began by discussing the origins of the Holi festival and watched this clip from Behind The News. And then... See below for some spectacular action shots!       And... Continue Reading →

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