Maths in SNC

Recent maths workshops in SNC have been focussing on concepts of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) pattern and place value, with students developing their number sense. Maths at home If you would like strategies that we use in the LC, students are currently building their automatic recall of number facts (times tables). If you would... Continue Reading →

Feedback in SNC

Feedback is an important part of learning at BEPS and in SNC. Throughout their senior years, we try to support students to become risk takers with their learning, try new things and aim for excellence by having high expectations with their learning and behaviour. We also want to support students to become reflective learners in... Continue Reading →

Week 6 and 7 – The Wrap Up

The last two weeks have included so much! Swimming! Conferencing! Workshops! So much writing and a long weekend too! Here are some highlights according to some of our student reporters (thanks to Gaston, Indi, Saul, Tilly and Peter)       Information Texts - By Gaston We have been researching to find out who was... Continue Reading →

Factors, multiples, primes…oh my!

The 'product' maths workshop has recently been learning about place value, number sequencing and investigating patterns within the number system. Students have been applying themselves and enjoying the challenges. Here are some of the problems that have been investigated: Week 5 - Factor investigation Can you identify and describe factors and multiples of whole numbers and... Continue Reading →

Descartes: Philosophy

Last week, students began philosophy by analysing key concepts in a text. The 'Descartes' workshop focused on using open questions to expand ideas and deepen thinking. See below for some of the students astute responses. Why do we do Philosophy? Tilly: We learn about different philosophers. Ken: It's good to know what’s outside school, like... Continue Reading →

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