The Truth Behind…

Connected to our inquiry topic of 'truth', the writing focus for SNC this term will  be on creating information reports related to a science topic or question that they are interested in learning more about. Students were encouraged to brainstorm all the ideas they had about physical sciences, biological, chemical , earth and space sciences... Continue Reading →

The Science Behind Slime!

Student Action Team Update - The Science Team Our Student Action Teams are continuing on into Term 2 and because of the students’ careful planning and preparation, there were two teams already offering workshops in the first week! Those that have completed their workshops have begun writing up a reflection on how they felt their... Continue Reading →

The truth? You can’t handle…the truth!

Last week in our philosophy lesson, Su Nei Cieli continued exploring the concept of ‘truth’.   Students were asked to come up with a definition of 'truth'. A seemingly easy task? We discovered it was trickier than you think. Here's what our philosophers started with: Truth is being honest to your values. You want to... Continue Reading →

The (honest to goodness) truth!

Philosophy throughout the past three weeks has connected to a provocation  - 'what is stranger than fiction?' where our 456 SNC philosophers have been discussing the concept of 'truth'. We started with a story 'The Honest To Goodness Truth' by Patricia Mckissak and Giselle Potter. It is about a girl who decides to only tell... Continue Reading →

Student Action Teams update – Week 8

The student action teams have been working tirelessly to complete their proposals and applications and wait for the teachers responses with baited breath! Students have completed researching, planning and letter writing. Now the hard work begins - completing their proposed action! Most teams are managing either a 'student-led' workshop, either in 456 or in Prep/123.... Continue Reading →

Inquiry and authentic action in SNC!

You may have heard that we’ve begun the year looking at concepts connected to ‘civilisation’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘dystopia’. “Civilisation is basically a community. It’s built on top of a culture of being ‘zen-ish’, you know, being nice, respecting and accepting of other”. Dystopia is the opposite of a utopia, for example a world that is... Continue Reading →

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