Organising writing in SNC

In our writers workshop session recently we’ve been exploring the concept of 'organisation'.  As writers, we use organisation to structure our ideas, make our thinking clear, and create cohesion in our stories. Students have been learning about this concept and are working towards a completed piece or 'manuscript' to publish during next week's Publishing Day. Here’s... Continue Reading →

Humanitarians unite!

"Inquiry was a highlight today because we were learning about some new humanitarians – and I especially enjoyed working with some new friends. It was actually quite fun" (Gil) This week, students in SNC continued their inquiry into citizenship via community action and 'making a difference'. After writing an answer to the big question 'what's your... Continue Reading →

Week 3 Wrap Up

  Inquiry projects – what’s your vision for a fairer world? Starting next week, the overarching idea of our inquiry this term connects active citizenship with community action, where students will understand that people create organizations to solve problems, make a positive difference and actively impact their communities at an individual, local and global level.... Continue Reading →

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