Debating excursion – week 7

This week we travelled to Ivanhoe to represent BEPS in the 'Regional Debating Day' at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar. Our students participated with great enthusiasm, and teachers were impressed with their attitude, organisation, and the presentation of arguments and ideas. Topics were: 'That all students should ride their bikes to school' 'That we should ban animal... Continue Reading →

Spelling it out…

We are sometimes asked about spelling in 4/5/6 - if you've ever wondered how we engage students with spelling in 4/5/6, read on! The program values are that: spelling is developmental and that meaning is the key to spelling spelling needs to be taught explicitly; but in context all children benefit from being taught spelling... Continue Reading →

‘The Art of Arguing’ returns!

It's back! Debating has returned and the buzz in SNC has been electric! For the past 4 years, Debating has become an integral part of the 4/5/6 program. It is easy to see how such an important skill connects to many aspects of the Victorian Curriculum, such as writing, reading speaking and listening, critical and creative... Continue Reading →

The Truth Behind…

Connected to our inquiry topic of 'truth', the writing focus for SNC this term will  be on creating information reports related to a science topic or question that they are interested in learning more about. Students were encouraged to brainstorm all the ideas they had about physical sciences, biological, chemical , earth and space sciences... Continue Reading →

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