Respectful Relationships in SNC

'Respectful Relationships' is another part of the weekly timetable in 456 SNC. These sessions happen usually once a week, and often have a reading, writing or philosophical focus. This included at the start of the year, we began with a 'thinking routine' - the ‘Thinking Compass’. Students were asked to list the following, using 'N/E/S/W' (This... Continue Reading →

The truth? You can’t handle…the truth!

Last week in our philosophy lesson, Su Nei Cieli continued exploring the concept of ‘truth’.   Students were asked to come up with a definition of 'truth'. A seemingly easy task? We discovered it was trickier than you think. Here's what our philosophers started with: Truth is being honest to your values. You want to... Continue Reading →

The (honest to goodness) truth!

Philosophy throughout the past three weeks has connected to a provocation  - 'what is stranger than fiction?' where our 456 SNC philosophers have been discussing the concept of 'truth'. We started with a story 'The Honest To Goodness Truth' by Patricia Mckissak and Giselle Potter. It is about a girl who decides to only tell... Continue Reading →

Philosophy and ‘Logical Fallacies’

"A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning and logic" (Baxter, Charlotte, Mikki) One of our focuses in philosophy during term 4 has been different forms of reasoning. Students recently learned about 'logical fallacies', when we argue a point using invalid or poor arguments. Students had great fun unpacking logical fallacies made by politicians, and... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare’s Finest…

Without further ado,  'Much Ado About Nothing': The video is now available! Scroll below and click on the link.   And a huge thank you to all students, parents and teachers who participated in this production!   To watch the show, click here (password is 4562018).   And see below for our fabulous players!

Debating News in SNC!

Debating News in SNC! So much happening in the wonderful world of debating! As well as our regular ‘Woolf’ group and ‘Bronte’ writing groups debating in their workshop time, and the ‘Austen’ group debating students from Il Nido and Orizzonte, we have also recently had other children from SNC volunteer to debate other schools. Last... Continue Reading →

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