Writer’s Notebooks in SNC

On Wednesday mornings in Su Nei Cieli, we break out our writer’s notebooks. They’re special books for storing ideas, memories, and random jottings. A place to play around with words, and to store sparks for future writing projects. Every week, we tackle a different random task. We’ve played around with poetry, with simile and metaphor,... Continue Reading →

Maths in SNC

Recent maths workshops in SNC have been focussing on concepts of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) pattern and place value, with students developing their number sense. Maths at home If you would like strategies that we use in the LC, students are currently building their automatic recall of number facts (times tables). If you would... Continue Reading →

Writing Wordsmiths!

A recent update on our writing focus in 456 SNC... As well as our usual workshops that involve writing in some form (e.g. writer's notebook, personal writing time in ILT, debating, spelling toolboxes, etc.), last term's focus was on how one can improve their authorial 'voice' in writing. Students were assessed according to a rubric... Continue Reading →

Defining friendship by SNC (and Aristotle)

Adding to our term one discussions around the concept of friendship, in Tuesday's philosophy circle, the 'Descartes' philosophy group were introduced to the philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC). Students were intrigued to discover that philosophers have done a lot of work around definitions and defining big concepts. In this session, we looked at Aristotle's way of defining... Continue Reading →

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