The SNC players present…

The wigs have been packed away, the frills washed and ironed, the shakespearean quotations in the playground lessen each day... may we present, for your holiday viewing pleasure... 'Twelfth Night' - the video!  To watch the entire show, click here Note: this video can also be downloaded! (Contact SNC for login and password details)... Continue Reading →

‘Twelfth Night’ – photos #1

  Special Thanks. My introduction to ‘Twelfth Night’ was year 9 English, listening to a BBC production on a dodgy cassette player. From inauspicious beginnings, fast forward to 2019 and what an opportunity to revisit the play with such an enthusiastic and talented crew of young people, some of whom it is their first production... Continue Reading →

A dramatic announcement…

Jackson: I love the Drama workshops because its really fun. There's jokes and we play really good games like... Paper Plane: One person has an imaginary paper plane and makes eye contact with another person asking "Paper plane?" then the other person says "Paper plane!". The first person passes the paper plane to the second... Continue Reading →

Probable Probabilites…

This term, one of our workshops in SNC has been focusing on the statistics and probability strand. See below for some of the tasks that the 'Barnhard' maths group have been investigating. Students worked independently or in partners to demonstrate their thinking and learning about the concept of probability. They were given this challenge: "Students in... Continue Reading →

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