Publishing Day!!!

It's on again! In SNC we love finishing the term with a day that celebrates the wonderful world of writing! With this in mind, you are most welcome to join us for SNC's Term 1 Publishing Day. You could come for an hour, you could stay all day! See the below poster for details. Don't... Continue Reading →

An excursion into Victoria’s past and future…

As part of our inquiry into ‘Future thinking’ and ‘Beyond 2040’, on Tuesday 3rd March, students in 456 SNC attended a workshop ‘Climate Change and Victoria’s Future’ at the Melbourne Museum. Students examined the science behind our changing climate and learnt some ways to communicate ideas and actions to mitigate the impacts of climate change.  The... Continue Reading →

Week 3 and 4 – the wrap!

So much has been happening in SNC its hard to know where to start! Here's a few updates: Maths Looking at the concept of number pattern is the focus for the beginning of the year. So far students have been investigating and learning about times tables, order of operations and various number properties. Workshops have... Continue Reading →

Innovation, Ingenuity, Invention…

This term SNC have made an energetic start to our Inquiry unit investigating many different ideas and inventions for the future. The inquiry this term is an inquiry into the interaction between the natural world and human societies and the impact of future scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment. Questions student... Continue Reading →

The SNC players present…

The wigs have been packed away, the frills washed and ironed, the shakespearean quotations in the playground lessen each day... may we present, for your holiday viewing pleasure... 'Twelfth Night' - the video!  To watch the entire show, click here Note: this video can also be downloaded! (Contact SNC for login and password details)... Continue Reading →

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