Teaching & Learning

Here are a couple of diagrams we have put together for you that explain the teaching and learning structure in Su Nei Cieli. We hope it will better explain some of the vocabulary we use and offer an insight into modern day teaching and learning practices.

Inquiry Model Diagram

The Inquiry Model represents the differentiated teaching and learning which takes place in our school. Each subject (Eg: Literacy, Maths, Art) is explored in larger groupings. This is called an Inquiry. Together the teachers and students inquire into a subject relevant topic or question.

The teachers then observe and assess the students. After analysing the collected data, teachers identify patterns in student skills, knowledge and behaviours. These students can then be grouped into Workshops accordingly. A Workshop is a learning group in which students practice an essential skill within a structured scenario. For example, exploring and reviewing the various ways to explore a worded maths problem.

Teachers again collect and analyse student data from the Workshops. This time, teachers group students according to very specific personal learning needs for example; methods and formulas for multiplication. These groups are called Toolboxes. Toolboxes are very intense groups of around five to ten students.

So this structure of teaching and learning becomes cyclical. Toolboxes can also be used to introduce a specific skill, the skill may be practiced during a Workshop and then during an Inquiry, the student chooses the appropriate skill for the task at hand, putting it into action.



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