Portsea Camp!!! Part #1

Last week we had camp and it was one of the BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD! (Ted) There were loads of fun activities like kayaking, high ropes and the giant swing. (Bryn) This week our writers worked on a short descriptive piece to ideally 'paint a picture with words' of some of their experiences. Read... Continue Reading →

Portsea Camp!!! Part #2

  Even more camp reflections... On the way to Portsea Camp... My spine ached as I carried my bag to school. When I walked through the wire¬†gateway, I sighed in relief as I dropped the gigantus bag, restoring the feeling in the muscles of my back.I looked up and could nearly felt the stinging tears... Continue Reading →

Portsea Camp!!! Part #3

More camp reflections from our fearless camp reporters... We walked down the path with the teacher and we were carrying paddles. When we got there, we started to pull out these kayaks. There was two people to a kayak (me and Jett shared one). We played a game where you had a rubber chicken and... Continue Reading →

Writing Wordsmiths!

A recent update on our writing focus in 456 SNC... As well as our usual workshops that involve writing in some form (e.g. writer's notebook, personal writing time in ILT, debating, spelling toolboxes, etc.), last term's focus was on how one can improve their authorial 'voice' in writing. Students were assessed according to a rubric... Continue Reading →

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