Colour running!

To conclude a successful cultural week of workshops, the whole school were out on the oval Friday afternoon for our first ever BEPS colour run. We began by discussing the origins of the Holi festival and watched this clip from Behind The News. And then... See below for some spectacular action shots!       And... Continue Reading →

“Business…as usual!” – inquiry this term

This term's main inquiry projects connect directly to the economics and business component of the victorian curriculum. Students will investigate the nature of economics and understand that business is about more than money; and discuss that to make a positive contribution to a community there is a need to be ethical, resourceful and socially responsible. Students... Continue Reading →

Week 1 and 2 – The wrap up!

So much has been happening in the past 2 weeks - some great learning occurring and some exciting times in SNC! Gardening excursion - planting at Merri Creek Last Tuesday students walked down to Merri Creek to plant the plants that we have been growing in the BEPS green house with the help of some... Continue Reading →

Debating this term!

The opportunities for our students to expand their reading, writing, critical and creative thinking, their philosophical reasoning, their group work and their public speaking skills continue this term. We have organised debating workshops and debating days as usual, with a rotation so different students will be able to present their ideas to different combinations of... Continue Reading →

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